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This year’s prayer breakfast featured pastors from all around DC, Maryland and Virginia with over 1,000 in attendance, giving tribute for their many years in service and dedication to God’s work. The celebration also featured the worship ministry of the DMV’s own Earnest Pugh who gave an outstanding five octave performance of praise. Presentations and prayers were offered up by Winston Chaney of WYCB 1340 AM, Bishop Barton Wallace of Holy Truth Church, Souls of Silent mime ministry, Bishop Carrie Surratt, Sheila Stewart News Director, Cheryl Jackson Radio Diva of Praise 104.1 and Bishop Michael J. Rogers.  

Honorees received their awards and gifts with cheers and shouts from members, family and friends. Recipients include Pastor Bobby D. Hicks of New Home Baptist Church, Rev. Ian Edwards of Wining Souls Evangelist Church, Rev. Dr. Evalina Huggins of Varick Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Bishop C. Anthony Muse of Ark of Safety Christian Church, Pastor Ronald W. Miles of Bethel Christian Fellowship Mighty Warriors Ministries, Bishop Melvin Robinson, Jr. of The Masters Child Church, Inc., Pastor Andre M. Mcleod of Restoration Kingdom Ministries , Pastor Nathan M. Butler, Sr. of Righteous Church of GOD, Bishop Charles H. Doom, Jr. of Southern Baptist Church Praise & Worship Center, Pastor David J. Venable of Cathedral of Christ Baptist Church, Dr. Calvin Cage of Meridian Hill Baptist Church, Bishop Carrie J. Surratt of Restoration Covenant Ministries, Pastor Rosa Lenzy of New Life For All Souls Church, Bishop Christ Tyson of Bethel Outreach Worship Ministries, Pastor Joseph D. Bryan of Greater Lighthouse Church, Pastor Bobby Manning of First Baptist Church of District Heights, Pastor Ishmael Wilson of Another Level Ministries, Bishop Barton Wallace, Sr. of Holy Truth Church, Bishop Richard Hunter of Greater New Hope Christian Fellowship and Rev. Jesse W. Plater of Alexander Memorial Baptist Church.

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